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Traditional Garage Doors

Whether you're replacing your existing garage doors or need doors for a new garage, traditional garage doors are our most popular option. Our traditional doors are available in steel or wood designs in a variety of styles and colors to suit your needs and budget.

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Traditional Garage Door Features

Steel Construction - Smoker Door Sales

Steel Construction

Most of our customers enjoy the maintenance-free durability of our steel doors that won't rust over time. Our traditional steel doors typically come with a lifetime warranty and require no painting or staining to maintain their beauty year after year. We offer a variety of steel door styles, including some doors with grain patterns that simulate the look of wood doors for added aesthetic appeal.

Wood Construction - Smoker Door Sales

Wood Construction

Customers who desire more design detail or have something custom in mind might want to look at wood garage doors. The flexibility of wood makes complex designs and shapes possible. Wood doors also offer a rich, upscale appearance. Wood garage doors will require painting or staining and maintenance to maintain their beauty year after year.

Insulation - Smoker Door Sales


Insulation can be an important factor to consider when choosing your garage doors, particularly if you have living space above your garage, if your garage is attached to your home or if you plan to use your garage as a shop or workspace. Insulation can prevent cold air from invading your home and keep your garage at a more pleasant, even temperature throughout the seasons. We offer a number of insulation options on all of our traditional garage doors.

Windows - Smoker Door Sales


Many of our traditional garage door styles include windows for great aesthetic appeal or to add more natural light into your garage.

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